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Protein Microarray

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Demonstration here of an antigen microarray manufactured by Arrayit Corporation using US Patent 6,101,946. It is a protein microarray spotted with different antigens designed to identify, measure and report levels of immunoglobulin G (IgG) proteins present in human serum or plasma.
Antigens (biomarkers) have been microarrayed on a specially polished and treated glass microscope slide using US Patent 6,101,946. This slide contains biomarkers which can be incubated with either diluted patient serum or plasma. Patient serum IgG antibodies will bind to recognized biomarkers printed on the microarray during the first incubation. After washing away unbound IgGs, anti-human IgG conjugated to a fluorescent dye secondary antibody is added to the microarrays which bind to the IgG-biomarker conjugate. Unbound secondary antibody is removed by washing. The slides are dried by Microarray Centrifuge and are then ready for scanning and quantification using a high resolution microarray laser scanner (Innoscan 710) and software (Mapix) package.

3. List of Materials & Recommended Equipment for Manual Processing
Microarrays 24 microarrays per slide substrate. Microarray orientation is as follows. There is a number on the back of the slide scribed with a diamond tip pencil, but the microarray scanner can read and track bar coded microarray slides. Microarray 1 is in the upper left corner and the microarrays are numbered 1-24 left to right top down in a 3 x 8 pattern on each slide.
AHC4x24 pictured above.
Microarray Centrifuge For Drying Microarrays Please see link for Protocol on Use.

Hybridization Station for 37 C reactions with mixing.