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3D Cell Culture from N3DBIO

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The Bio-Assembler™ system cultures cells in three-dimensions by magnetic levitation. The Bio-Assembler™ uses nanoparticle-based Nanoshuttle-PL solution to deliver magnetic nanoparticles to cells. Magnetic drives then levitate cells to create the 3D cell growth environment. Using the Bio-Assembler™ is as easy as performing standard monolayer (2D) culture. Preparation time and cell manipulation requirements are equivalent to 2D culture.

Advantages of n3D's 3-Dimensional Cell Culturing System:
* Rapid formation of 3D structures and cell-cell interactions.
* More accurate representation of in vivo tissue.
* Compatibility with virtually any cell type including primary and stem cells.
* Compatibility with any media type, standard culturing protocols, and diagnostic techniques.
* 3D co-culturing capabilities.
* Unique capability for moving and shaping tissue, applicable to invasion studies and tissue engineering.